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Fly Racing’s range of Moto Cross helmets is made of poly alloy material with excellent impact resistant properties. Light in weight, these Dot approved items have dual density EPS lining to absorb impact. Detachable cheek pads and liner maintain cleanliness of these helmets. Multiple vent design of these branded items promotes proper air flow inside. Wide exhaust vents prevent build up of internal heat. Product line of full face helmets of LS2 has been fabricated from kinetic polymer alloy with light weight design and flexible parameters. Comfortable inner padding and dense EPS liner make these truly ergonomic in look. Free from visor, products of this brand have breathable inner design which is padded with laser cut hypoallergenic quality foam. As part of their dynamic flow through ventilation arrangement, these Moto Cross helmets have adjustable intake ports and exhaust ports. Special shell design of products of this specific brand minimizes impact. Products of VEGA are made of impact proof ABS and these have ISI certification. Offered in M and L size choices, these have mercury free visor which is UV and scratch protected. PC made sun visor of these products has quick release mechanism.